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Layoff is flying by...Photo from a quick trip to Hutchinson Island near Fort Pierce, FL.  Beautiful beaches and quiet streets. 

If you are anxiously awaiting the start of the 2017/2018 season then you only need to wait four more weeks.  Yep that's right! The company starts rehearsals again on June 5th.  Take a look at our upcoming performances at  

In addition, the company will be traveling to Jacobs Pillow to take part in their 85th anniversary season.  This tour is especially special to me because it is close to my family.  I grew up just two hours from the Pillow but have never had the opportunity to perform at the venue.  You can see the full lineup with dates at



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Check back soon for some information on season 2017/2018!


Sidelined? published article

Below is my newest article published by 4dancers.

This article discusses the challenges we face with injuries and how to overcome them to the best of our ability.

Photo by Julian Duque Photography


Nutcracker and Program II

Hi Followers,

It has been too long.  My last update is dated back to September.  This leaves me with quite a bit to catch you all up on.  As Nutcracker comes to a close with only five performances left, the Company begins to move into final rehearsals for the opening of Program II.  Program II includes George Balanchine's Serenade, Sir Kenneth MacMillan's Carousel Pas de Deux, Peter Martins Calcium Light Night, and Jerome Robbins Glass Pieces.

Since I last updated you, Giselle concluded.  A  highlight throughout the run was performing in the Peasant Pas de Deux in Act I.  Photographs below.


Abstract Expressionism Performance Art Collaboration

I have recently embarked on a new collaboration with artist Jonatas Chimen from Brazil. We began discussing our collaboration about two years ago but, we never took action.  Two years later, we have created two pieces of artwork.  Both involve a dancer (being me) and an artist (Jonatas Chimen).  One piece is black and white and the other is in multiple colors.  The goal is to create something by combining our two worlds of art.  The approach is entirely improvisational which gives a sort of mystery to each painting. The links are below.  I would love to hear what you think about the videos.

An Abstract Expressionism Performance Art Collaboration
Link: A Ballerina and a Painter Part I
Link: A Ballerina and a Painter Part II



Season Update

First update of the season!  The company is well into rehearsals for the 2016/2017 season.  It is hard to believe this is already my third season.  We are setting George Balanchine's Divertimento No. 15 composed by Mozart.  Balanchine's Divertimento No. 15 premiered in 1956 in Connecticut.  The ballet consists of five principal women, three principal men, and eight corps women.  Rehearsals are also under way for Jerome Robbin's Glass Pieces which opens in January for Program II.  Philip Glass musically inspires us in this work by Robbins.  I am looking forward to the performances especially since it will be my first Robbins piece in my career. 
FYI: During this point of the season, we spend our time rehearsing for our opening performances in late October.  Giselle is the first to arrive and runs through mid November.   


As promised, I will be sharing stories from my summer.  This year, I decided to travel more than normal.  Amsterdam was my first stop.  In May, I met my friend in Amsterdam.  She has been dancing with Het National Ballet for seven years now.  I was fortunate enough to take a couple classes with the company for fun.  When I was growing up, I had always heard about dance in Europe, but have not had the chance to experience it.  I met many of the dancers and had the chance to watch rehearsals as well.   This was thrilling.  We also traveled outside of Amsterdam to see other sections of Holland.  One stop we made was to the Keukenhof.  Just to give you an idea of the gardens..check out the photos I added.  The gardens show you multiple forms of tulips.  Fortunately, the tulips were in full bloom when I was visiting.  The other photos are from my visit to the ballet and around the neighborhood.  It was an incredible experience that I hope to relive again in my lifetime. 

NEXT UP: Exploring the Unknown


Layoff is flying by...Photo from a quick trip to Hutchinson Island near Fort Pierce, FL.  Beautiful beaches and quiet streets.  If you...